the estate planning process

Your living trust-centered estate planning process starts by you watching this short video. You'll learn that you and your loved ones can be protected after just three short meetings. Whether you're setting up your first estate plan or revising an old plan, we have over 30 years of estate planning experience to focus on finding a sensible, economic solution to your estate planning needs.

Meeting #1: We want to learn about you and your family. We want to know what's important to you. We will discuss your assets and your wishes. Then, together, we will discuss a solution structure so that our office can prepare a draft of your estate plan.


Meeting #2: We will go over the draft of your estate plan. Then you will be instructed how to review it all at home. You can call for questions, as well. You will know how to send in questions and changes. Our goal is to make sure your ideas have sensible solutions. 


Meeting #3: At this meeting you'll sign your estate planning documents. We will also take time to teach you how to manage your living trust. You will learn how to "add" and "delete" assets from your trust. You'll even get a digital copy of your plan. Then we will send your estate plan originals to our printer's office to bind your set for you. In a short time, we will give you a call to come pick up your originals at our office. The process is complete. Three short meetings. Now you have peace of mind from knowing you and your family are protected with a living trust-centered estate plan. 

If you want to learn about the basic parts of an estate plan, click on this link......

Ok. You've seen the video. You know about the short steps. You have reviewed all of the parts of an estate plan. No more procrastination..... "click" the Appointment button, below. See you soon!