Parts Of An estate plan

What is an estate plan?

Basically, an estate plan is a coordinated set of legal documents that work together to protect your family and your assets. It takes the attorney's years of experience to translate the clients' wants, wishes, and thoughts into a set of legal documents that turn his/her/their wants, wishes, and thoughts into a coordinated plan of protection. 

The living trust: The "key" to your estate plan. The living trust spells out how you, your loved ones, and your assets are protected. The key people you've named are in place to carry out your wishes when you can't.

Prepare. Plan. Protect.

Pour-over will: The backup for your living trust. Can also name guardians of any minor children. 

Advance health care directive: Trusted family members can communicate your medical wants to health care personnel when you can't!

Durable power of attorney: Permits the people you've selected to make financial decisions (outside of the trust) when you're incapacitated or, if you want, anytime you're unavailable.

All Parts Working Together

The living trust, pour-over will, durable power of attorney, advance health care directive, certification of trust, and associated documents all work together to protect your loved ones when you need protection the most!

Certification of trust:  A very useful document that can be used to inform banks, brokers, and title companies, etc. the titling information about your living trust. 

what goes in to a trust?