Extra Protection For Loved ones

It's scary to think that your loved ones might not inherit what you want them to inherit after you've passed away. Life happens. Problems pop up unexpectedly. Will a son or daughter lose what you've given them if they go through a divorce after you've gone? Are you worried that a loved one with drug or alcohol or spending issues can't responsibly handle a large inheritance? Is there a chance your grandchildren might not end up with anything?    

The good news is that our estate planning office's experience is ready to focus on helping you find sensible, economic solutions to whatever you might face. Call our office or "click" on the Appointment button, below. Let's talk!

inheritance protection

We've designed an Inheritance Protection Trust that our clients just love. Actually, an IPT is language that we add to your regular living trust. It's designed to help protect your loved ones form losing some (or all) of what you want them to inherit from you. If precautions are taken, an IPT can save a loved one from losing what you've given them if they ever have to go through a divorce. The IPT provisions can also help to make sure that what your loved one doesn't spend or give away will be passed on to his or her children (usually, your grandchildren). 

Grandchildren Protection

You've done pretty well in life. You want the bulk of your estate to go to your children. Most of us do. But what about those adorable grandkids? Shouldn't you give them something? Well, if that's your wish, a Grandchildren's Trust might be the solution you're seeking. A Grandchildren's Trust are provisions added to the language of your living trust. After you've passed away, the Grandchildren's Trust comes in to existence. It's funded with an amount of money, and that money is used to help pay for private school, college, or graduate school for those adorable babies. When the youngest grandchild reaches a certain age, what remains of the Grandchildren's Trust cash is then distributed to all of those grandchildren. 


Just ask about adding a Grandchildren's Trust to your estate plan when you visit our office.  

Children or loved ones with Drug/alcohol/money issues

Our office has a solution to your worries. It's a variation of the Inheritance Protection Trust, and it's added to the language of your living trust. The basic way it works is that any child or other loved one with drug, alcohol, or money issues receives what you want them to receive, but they don't control the money. Usually, a professional trustee is in charge of the management and money distributions from that trust. The trustee can arrange for medical care, mental health care, and the trustee will help pay for many other needs of the addicted or money-careless beneficiary. 


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Family fighting

For most families with adult children, the back-up trustee or trustees in their estate plan are their adult children. When the parents have passed away (or become incapacitated), their oldest adult child, or two of their adult children, take over. Most of the time it works out well enough. But siblings do fight. You remember those heated arguments. Money brings out the best and the worst of us at times. Fighting causes delays. Delays can lead to involving the court. Delays, fighting, and court can equal unnecessary money wasted. 

If you're worried that something like this might happen in your family after you've passed away, let's deal with it now, we have sensible solutions to help reduce arguments, delay, and sibling fights. Give our office a call or "click" the Appointment button, below. Let's talk!

No "pipeline" = No Protection

A "pipeline" = Protection!!