To prepare for your first appointment, you may want to download, print, and fill-out the Estate Plan Organizer and the Initial Appointment Preparation forms. While having the forms filled out is not necessary for your first appointment, knowing who you have to protect and what you have to protect is a key focus. In addition, you might want to bring in a list of the trusted folks you know (with their name, address, cell phone number, and email address) that might be involved in your estate plan. For example, if your children are adults, bring their contact information. If you have minor children or no children, you’ll likely want to look to other family members and close friends to be involved in some way. In that case, you should bring their contact information, as well


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Please print one or two copies of the CAST OF CHARACTERS form. Fill the forms out (you don't have to use both), and bring this filled out form to our first meeting.

Whether you bring the ESTATE PLAN ORGANIZER to our first or second meeting, please fill this form out the best you can. The purpose of this form is to have a stored record of your current net worth and a fairly up-to-date list of your assets and their approximate value. This form will be stored in your file to be used when someone passes away or if someone is incapacitated. It's always good to know where to look for assets in a time of crisis.

At our first meeting, we will be discussing who your beneficiaries, trustees, executors, and health care agents are. Some folks could play several roles in an estate plan. For example, your oldest daughter might be a beneficiary and a back-up trustee in your estate plan. Most of the time the Cast of Characters will be children, other family, or best friends. Even though you may change your mind after our second meeting (the draft review meeting), it's much better to gather this type of information at that first meeting. We need the name, address, cell phone number, and email address of each person. If you're listing a minor child, then address will suffice.


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